Checklists, what to learn next and bibliography


The following presents some possible checklists for both the coder and the reviewer, as part of a formal review process.

For the coder

  • [ ] Does the new code meet project standards? In particular,
    • [ ] Is there documentation?
    • [ ] Are there new tests for the new material?
    • [ ] Do these tests pass locally?
    • [ ] Are you following any declared style guides?
    • [ ] Are the tests in the rest of the code base still passing locally?
  • [ ] Create the pull request; wait for any CI checks to complete.
  • [ ] Consult the CI reports. Did all the builds and tests complete?
  • [ ] If necessary, now formally request a review.
  • [ ] Once review is complete, discuss any comments necessary.
  • [ ] Make the changes, and record the changes made against appropriate comments.
  • [ ] Check that the reviewer knows you believe you have fully addressed the review.

For the reviewer

  • [ ] Check the code meets basic project style, if this is not automatically checked by CI.
  • [ ] Check there are tests & documentation to necessary standards.
  • [ ] Read the code, carefully.
    • [ ] Is all the code easily understood?
    • [ ] Is it clear what all sections of the code do?
    • [ ] Are the logic and approach in the proposed changes clear?
    • [ ] Are the logic and the approach both sound?
    • [ ] Do the tests actually ensure the code is robust in its intended use?
    • [ ] Are there any bugs or other defects?
  • [ ] As needed, engage constructively with the coder if they disagree on certain points in order to come to a consensus.
  • [ ] Once the coder believes changes are complete, check that they do indeed address all of the initial comments.
  • [ ] Approve the changes, and if it is your responsibility, make the merge.

What to learn next

The thorough checking of tests, coverage, and code style by hand can be tedious, so this might be a good time to learn more about continuous integration (CI).

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